Whilst we no longer have stock of the following limited edition bottlings at the distillery, you may find some bottles on the shelves of specialist retailers. If you would like us to assist in helping you find a bottle of the following, please do not hesitate to contact us.










Glenfarclas 40 Years Old Scottish Classic 43% vol.


“More and more people around the world appreciate the good things in life and one of those things is undoubtedly the Glenfarclas Scottish Classic. Having nurtured this magnificent malt for so long, we are delighted that it will be an ambassador for Scottish literature and Scottish art.”

John L. S. Grant

Limited edition of 600 individually numbered bottles at 43% Vol., with thirty different label designs by three Scottish artists inspired by the works of Sir Walter Scott, R. L. Stevenson and Robert Burns.

Tasting notes by Jim Murray

Nose: Beautifully defined oak, which has taken on a handsomely sweet bourbon character. This is almost chestnut sweet, very softly peated and enticingly gentle. Steps up a gear when warmed in the hand with tantalising spices keeping in harmony with waxy malt and ultra-clean sherry. The way the old oak behaves itself - tows the line, is nothing short of wonderful.

Taste: The oak is again first to show but remains soft and laid back and teasingly spicy. The initial burst of oak does suggest a worn dryness, but this is soon counterbalanced by a Demerara sweetness. This blends effortlessly with some heavy, intense malt and a lingering but quite unmistakable hint of liquorice, which emerges from the refined sherry-trifle middle.

Finish: Long, chewy, smoky, and initially sweet with the liquorice continuing, but dries very slowly to deliver an oaky encore. Stays just to the right side of being vanilla-rich to ensure continuing charm and quality.

Comments: An almost immaculate portrayal of an old fashioned, high quality malt with unblemished sherry freshness and depth. The hallmark of quality is the sherry’s refusal to dominate the spicy, softly peated malt. The oak offers bourbon-ey sweetness, but ensures a rich depth throughout. Quite outstanding for its age.


Glenfarclas 40 Years Old Scottish Classic 43% vol.


Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength Aged 40 Years 60% Vol.


‘In 1968, my father, George S Grant, decided to bottle a cask of Glenfarclas at natural strength as a Christmas gifts for family and friends. The strength of that single cask was 105° British Proof – and Glenfarclas 105 was born. We still select some of the finest casks from our warehouses and vat them together – without adding water – to give a constant strength of 60%. And today, Glenfarclas 105, the world’s first commercially available cask strength whisky, is just as smooth as ever.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, we have created this special bottling of Glenfarclas 105 at 40 Years Old. With only a couple of casks of the right style, age, and strength available, it truly is a limited edition. In fact, there are only 893 bottles in total.

The 40th Anniversary Limited Edition is dark and mysterious in colour, with a beautifully sweet nose, and hints of toffee and sherry. A sip reveals a powerful, yet smooth and elegant whisky, with liquorice flavours, and fruit. In short, all the great flavours of Glenfarclas in one extraordinary dram.’

John L. S. Grant


Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength Aged 40 Years 60% Vol.


Glenfarclas 50 Years Old


To celebrate the Bicentenary of the birth of my Great, Great, Great Grandfather; John Grant in 2005, George Grant personally selected a cask of Glenfarclas 50 Years Old for bottling. This cask was distilled on the 30th September 1955 and bottled 50 years to the day on the 30th September 2005.

After fifty years in our dunnage warehouses the cask gave us just 110 bottles, at cask strength of 46.6% vol. The whisky has a powerful sweet sherried aroma and a long caramel taste, and I am sure my forefather would be proud.

These are Tatsuya Minigawa's tasting notes;

Colour: Deep Amber

Nose: First of all a big sweet chocolate character, then change to fragrant, and with a hint of fruity noses.

Taste: Baked fig with caramelised sugar, authentic European coffee, very rich and round.

Finish: Extremely long finish right level of woodiness came through and nice bitterness. Very unforgettable finish.

Comments: Huge depth and great dimensions, one of the best Glenfarclas I have ever tasted! "

Tatsuya Minigawa is the bar manager of the Highlander Inn in Craigellachie.


Glenfarclas 50 Years Old


Glenfarclas 1954 Vintage


This exceptional expression of Glenfarclas was distilled on the 16th June 1954 and bottled on the bottled 27th July 2000, hence this is 46 years old. The bottling produced only 1193 bottles and some are still available from specialist retailers. Jim Murray reviewed the Glenfarclas 1954 for his 2007 Whisky Bible, as follows;

Nose; Score 24.
The clarity of the sherry defies belief; just a fraction too much oak for perfection but the kumquat and most subtle coriander give this such a delightful lift. A squirt of soft peat balances it out gloriously.

Taste; Score 25.
Faultless. Absolute perfect harmonization on the palate as the dissolving oloroso integrates seamlessly with the rich barley and developing spices. The chewiness is provided by German-style caramelized biscuit, the elegance by a clever mixture and intriguing of Muscovado and Demerara sugars.

Finish; Score 23.
Edges towards oak-fuelled bitterness, but some soft peats generate an excellent sweet repost; the oak is big and slightly bitter towards the end.

Balance; Score 24.
Sincere apologies for missing out on this is in earlier editions of the Bible. Apparently, though, this can still be found. Buy two: one to drink, the other to be buried with.

Total score of 96 out of 100.


Glenfarclas 1954 Vintage


Glenfarclas 1959 Historic Reserve


Limited edition, distilled on Christmas Day 1959, and bottled in 2002.

Colour: Dark Amber old

Aroma: Complex with a hint of fine Oloroso Sherry

Flavour: Elegant dark Single Malt, aromas of exotic fruits and vanilla, with a delicate not dominating touch of oak


Glenfarclas 1959


Glenfarclas 1968 Vintage


Bottled as an exclusive for the US market, the 1968 expression has been aged for 36 years in sherry casks. North America’s leading whisky magazine, the Malt Advocate named the Glenfarclas 1968 the ‘Imported Whisky of the Year’ in 2004.

Glenfarclas 1968 Vintage 43% Vol.
Tasting Notes by George Grant

Colour:  Dark, Amber-Gold.

Nose:  A complex full-bodied Glenfarclas. The aromas are intense, with rich tones of honey, vanilla, liquorice, cinnamon and a hint of peat smoke.

Flavour/Finish:  Gloriously smooth, smoky and long lasting.


Glenfarclas 1968 Vintage

Glenfarclas 175th Anniversary 43% Vol.


Glenfarclas Distillery was first licensed in 1836, and this limited edition bottling has been produced to celebrate our 175th Anniversary.

In addition to our oldest cask from 1952 we have included three casks from each of the following five decades to produce this exceptional bottling of Glenfarclas.

Amber heather honey in colour, with toffee and vanilla aromas which become more pronounced the longer the whisky rests in your glass.

The taste marries the heavy sherry from the 1950s and 1960s with the light fruitiness of the 1970s and 1980s, the freshness of the 1990s and the surprising maturity of the youngest casks from 2000.

With six different decades in one glass I hope you enjoy this unique Glenfarclas.’

John L S Grant


Glenfarclas 40 Years Old Scottish Classic 43% vol.


Glenfarclas Chairman’s Reserve 46% Vol.


A lovely dark mahogany colour. A great dram to stare into and see the dark ripples of age drifting through the glass.

Big sherried nose yet mellows after two or three minutes in the glass, malty tones apparent ever so lightly. Fresh nose on the surface giving way for blackcurrants, honey, toffee, butterscotch all underlined by rich, sweet, dry olorosso sherry.

A dry whisky initially letting way for bitter dark chocolate, the taste of chocolate goes on for some time then a lovely cream brulée finish. Some light vanilla and burnt Demerara sugar. Then just when you think it’s all gone a lovely burst of caramel toffee.

The Chairman’s Reserve is a vatting of four casks from the 1960s, selected by the Chairman of Glenfarclas, to mark the 175th Anniversary of the Distillery, and is a limited edition of 1296 bottles.


Glenfarclas 40 Years Old Scottish Classic 43% vol.




Glenfarclas 105 Aged 20 Years 60% Vol.

Strong, rich oak, a 20 year old copper still. As 105 should be! Big powerful aromas, be wary, it is 60% vol.

A typical Glenfarclas nose with Demerara sugar and figs. The last bit of a Christmas cake, a little drier than the middle but you get the extra sugar. More sweetness in the front of your mouth giviing way to bitter sweetness. Chocolate covered coffee beans spring to mind. Sweet then melting into bitterness. Lots of fruit and brandy flavours apparent.

Lovely long finish, the age really coming through here over the strength, definately a dram to savour as the finish will last a very long time.

Conclusion, another great addition to the '105' family along with the 105 and 105 40 Years Old.

Limited edition of 4000 bottles.

Glenfarclas 105 Aged 20 Years





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