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George S. Grant 1923-2002

During the Second World War George served in the RNVR, while his brother John served with the Gordon Highlanders and First African Rifles. After they were de-mobbed, their father held a party in Elgin, in 1948, to celebrate the distillery’s supposed centenary, his Silver Wedding Anniversary and his sons 21st Birthdays, all of which had taken place during the War. At this time, it was thought that Glenfarclas was established in 1845, subsequently it was discovered that it was first licensed in 1836.

The early years of George’s tenure as custodian at the distillery were a period of rapid growth and expansion. In the early 1950s the 1860s Spirit Act, which had prohibited simultaneous mashing and distilling, was repealed, effectively doubling capacity of the distillery. By the  early 1960s, demand was so intense that George had to ration the sale of new make to the blenders.

However every boom is followed by a slow down. In 1968 some of the major filling customers announced that they would not be ordering in the following year. Not one to be disheartened, George decided to lay down more stock for the distillery’s own bottlings, rather than rely so heavily on the blenders. It is thanks to this foresight that today the distillery has such good stocks of old casks, and is able to offer such a wide range of bottlings as part of The Family Casks collection.

George S. Grant, the fourth generation, and Chairman for 52 years, sadly passed away in 2002.
George S. Grant 1923-2002

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