The Family Casks

Strength: 53.6% Vol.

Cask: 566 Sherry Butt

A rich, dark maple-syrup colour with a ruby tinge.

Powerful on the nose, with apples and pears prominent over the sherry.

A powerful exterior hiding a mellow centre of rich enticing flavours of marinated fruit – like peaches soaked in brandy. A little smoky at the back of your mouth but a delicate sensation.

Another great lingering finish for this dram. Sit and sip, and melt into your favourite armchair. A massage in a glass.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 51.7% Vol.

Cask: 6778 Sherry Hogshead Release VII

Dark roasted chesnut in colour.

Warm Christmas spices sitting on a caramel basket of a fresh creme brulee. More Christmas spices on the palate, hot mulled wine drunk on a very cold day. Red liquorice laces and black wine gums also.

Sweet, long finish, add a drop of water to take away the lovely dryness to make way for more spiciness.

Bottled 2011.


1970 Release VII

Strength: 55.3% Vol.

Cask: 2031 Sherry Hogshead - Autumn 2013

A fantastic dark whisky with a deep red tinge running through it.

Big powerful nose, rich heavy fruit cake, dripping with heather honey and spiced cloves.

An incredibly dry whisky at the front of your palate, give this whisky a little time to breathe and it really opens up, would never guess it is above 55%. Almost like nougat flowing over your palate, almonds, sugar and very viscous.

A little air or water is essential for this whisky to fully realise its potential.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 57.1% Vol.

Cask: 140 Sherry Butt

Colour of deep, dark amber.

The nose is glorious. Eventually you have to pull yourself away and dare yourself to taste the whisky. Will it live up to the wonderful experience of the bouquet? There’s no need to worry. The flavours – almost a peach and apricot infusion – do not disappoint; perfect partners for the delightful nose.

This whisky has a beautiful long, elegant finish with a little peat smoke and earthy notes to the back of the mouth, where there is a lovely sweet finish.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 51.0% Vol.

Cask: 150 Sherry Butt Release VII

Antique gold.

Powerful, treacle toffee, fudge. Like a freshly made pan of tablet and licking thick vanilla goo off a metal spoon.

Very fresh, a lot less sweet on the palate than you were experiencing on the nose. Grassy earthy notes also pushing their way through.

Medium finish Glenfarclas, lovely taste of fresh cut grass.

Bottled 2011.

1971 Release VII

Strength: 51.1% Vol.

Cask: 3546 Sherry Butt

A light bronze-honey colouring.

Nose marked by chocolate flavours, smoke and clove spices. Almost like mulled wine which develops into floral attributes.
Initial caramel makes way for toffee apples, then onto apples and pears.

Finish more spices, liquorice and bitter chocolate at the back of your throat.

A perfect balance between whisky and sherry.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 47.4% Vol.

Cask: 3547 Sherry Butt Release VIII

Dark Orange.

Pleasant sweet nose, light bitterness, a whisky that is a delight to nose all day. Hard toffee very present. A creamy coffee liqueur.

Smooth initial flavours coat your mouth, a very soft delicate whisky especially after a drop or two of water.
Bottled 2011.

1972 Release VIII

Strength: 58.8% Vol.

Cask: 2578 Sherry Butt

A wonderful lighter whisky. From a sherry cask but without the rich colour you will find with other whiskies from The Family Casks collection. However, it’s still rather dark.

This whisky is fresh and lively, and makes for a superb aperitif. A little vanilla first, followed by some smoke, then light citrus notes.

A beautiful full whisky that deserves time for you to appreciate it fully.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 51.4% Vol.

Cask: 2567 Sherry Hogshead Release VI

Fantastic Rich Mahogany colour.

A deep heavy nose, of heavy polished oak, rich toffee apples. Full of heavy coffee aromas.

A fantastic bitter dark chocolate from start to finish, deep sherry, finishes off with a very strong double espresso.

A great after dinner whisky, to go with your coffee or instead of that double chocolate coffee cake you were going to have.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 56.5%% Vol.

Cask: 2598 Sherry Butt Release VIII

Dark rich mahogany.

Big sherry nose, heavily polished oak, dark espresso, rich Christmas fruit cak, warm mulled wine. A lot happening in this one.

Again aniseed present, star of anise floating in a very large mug. Rich almost like a port wine. Very fruity, no dryness at all nor any real sweetness.

A very long fruity fragrant whisky.

A joy from start to the very last drop.
Bottled 2011.

1973 Release VIII

Strength: 52.4% Vol.

Cask: 6056 Sherry Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Antique unpolished gold.

Rich freshly ground coffee beans, from Nicaraga.

Amazing light on the palate compared to the nose, rich sweetness for sure but not the big explosion you expect.

Bitter at the back of your mouth, that then gives way to light creme brulee topping.

A good balanced dram that is full of surprises.
Bottled 2013

Strength: 60.8% Vol.

Cask: 5786 Sherry Butt

The colour is gold – strong 24--carat gold.

With a powerful nose of vanilla and walnuts, this distinct whisky from Glenfarclas is light and fresh. Add a little water and let it open up to reveal delightful pear drop flavours.

It has a medium-length finish, with some malty notes apparent.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 53.3% Vol.

Cask: 5785 Sherry Butt - Autumn 2013

Polished oak.

Fresh alluring nose butterscotch and banoffee pie spring to mind.

A very powerful taste, smokiness for sure, letting more apples and pears come through, chocolate covered caramel biscuits.

Sweet and malty tones present.

Big finish, long, light aniseed. Lots of sherry and power.
Bottled 2013

Strength: 51.4% Vol.

Cask: 5038 Refill Hogshead

The colour is a beautiful rich amber, more akin to the colour you would expect from a first-fill cask.

The nose is a tantalising mix of honey, sweet fruits and ripe melon – a fresh whisky with a lot to offer.

On initial tasting, this big, powerful whisky is rich in sherry with some bitter orange flavour at the back of the mouth.

The finish is definitely buttery, like butterscotch dessert. A beautiful whisky that leaves a silky flavouring that coats your mouth and throat.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 45.9% Vol.

Cask: 5043 Refill Hogshead Release IV

A beautiful light oak colour.

A very fresh nose on this whisky, young and vibrant. Almost like cantaloupe melon infused with Chinese green tea.

This whisky bears a vague similarity to our standard 25 Years Old. This is the crème version. Light oakiness peppered with walnuts.

An oaky, bitter dark chocolate finish. This whisky is starting to taste its age.
Bottled 2009.


Strength: 54.7% Vol.

Cask: 1 Refill Butt Release IX

Golden sheen

Lovely powerful nose full of fruit and sweetness, pear drops infused with a creme brulee. Again those long creamy buttery vanillas coming through, toffee caramel. Very smooth extremely palatable.

Long finish that keeps on giving, more caramel sweetness and vanilla throughout. A great dram especially if you are looking for something away from the big rich sherry style.
Bottled 2012.

1975c Release IX

Strength: 49.4% Vol.

Cask: 3111 Refill Butt

1976 was an excellent year for Glenfarclas – I was born! Although this is a refill sherry cask, it still has an amazing colour; a lovely rich amber-bronze.

This is a very fruity whisky – lots of wine comparisons can be made. It’s also a very fresh whisky. I suggest comparing this with our Glenfarclas 30 Years Old, and exploring the differences.

It is a very creamy whisky; peaceful with a little malty sweetness and pear drops apparent at the back of the mouth.

An intriguing whisky that leaves you wanting to try it again. I think I shall.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 59% Vol.

Cask: 61 Refill Butt

A light whisky on the eye. However, a honey sweetness you would associate with a much darker dram. Although not as heavily sherried as other Glenfarclas expressions, the nose on this whisky is divine. Very sweet and well balanced.

A buttery smooth whisky, with spicy undertones.

A short intense finish, which fills your entire mouth.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 50.0% Vol.

Cask: 6514 Plain Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Autumn sunshine on a field of barley.

A very buttery nose, like freshly made shortbread. A light dusting of sugar on the top.

Great balance, more shortbread, vanilla caramel.

Elegant, silky and refined. All bought together in this wonderful whisky.

A medium length finish, with lovely tablet finish.
Bottled 2013

Strength: 50.3% Vol.

Cask: 587 Refill Hogshead

For a refill cask, this whisky has a lovely copper colour.

A light fragrant nose of earthy notes mixed with fresh dew on a summer day.

It’s definitely a summery whisky with fresh herbs and fresh grass cuttings coming through. Quite floral.

The finish is elegant and surprisingly long. Just when you think you have lost the flavour, it reappears again. A great whisky that’s probably preferable before, rather than after, dinner.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 57.6% Vol.

Cask: 626 Plain Hogshead Release III

Interesting - not what you would usually expect from Glenfarclas. But still, a great whisky.

The light, pale gold colour belies a solid whisky. A little estery on the nose - parma violets spring to mind.

Although it is a little spirity, once the initial power of the whisky has passed there are some very pleasant floral aromas. In fact, this is floral whisky from start to finish, almost like camomile tea.

It is slightly creamy, almost fudge like, with a light buttery sweetness. Maple syrup perhaps. The finish is also floral, but not too sweet.
Bottled 2008.

1978 Release III

Strength: 46.3% Vol.

Cask: 590 Refill Sherry Hogshead Release VII

Pale gold.

Buttery, butterscotch and stewed apples.

Vanilla and fruity marrying together perfectly in your glass, the whisky envelops your mouth, covering your taste buds and your tongue in a nanosecond.

Silky long light sweetness, reminiscent of diluted maple syrup.

Bottled 2011.

1978 Release VII

Strength: 52.8% Vol.

Cask: 146 Plain Hogshead

The colour of olive oil.

A nice smooth appetising nose reveals light spices and an estery aroma with fresh fruit.

It’s a creamy whisky, with light caramel toffee. In fact, the sweetness reminds me of our very own Glenfarclas Whisky Fudge.

It has a satisfying finish with floral notes.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 50.6% Vol.

Cask: 2216 Plain Hogshead Release III

Amber gold, this light, refreshing dram doesn't fail to deliver. It rather reminds me of our 21 Years Old, but is bigger and more robust.

It's very fruity, like a fruit cocktail in your glass. Lovely Christmas spices are also ever-present, and it has a great nose - oranges stuffed with cloves and chocolate liqueurs.

This is a pleasant, smooth whisky - a little creamy in fact, putting me in mind of toffee apples. The creamy sweetness is balanced with light sherry and vanilla.

All in all, a very well-rounded, balanced whisky that leaves you wanting more.
Bottled 2008.

Strength: 45.2% Vol.

Cask: 11015 Plain Hogshead Release IV

Beautiful light ray of sunshine.

A truly amazing nose, so fresh and vibrant, light esters, spice and a fresh fruit salad. 1979 has been a popular year. So far we have bottled two casks for general release, and one exclusively for Spain, hence this is our fourth bottling from 1979 for The Family Casks.

A great creamy buttery whisky, lovely light caramel toffee, again the texture and flavours of our Glenfarclas fudge.

Great finish long and very distinguished. A wondeful plain whisky that more than stands out against its heavily sherried counterparts.
Bottled 2009.

Strength: 52.2% Vol.

Cask: 8791 Plain Hogshead Release X

Light Bronze.

Delightful nose, vanillas, light oakiness and a lovely underlying sweetness.
Butterscotch, candy floss and popcorn, all the fairground flavours rolled into one glass of whisky.

1979 again comes up shining. This cask is not traditional for The Family Casks, but certainly stands tall amongst its peers.
Bottled 2012.

1979 Release X

Strength: 42.7% Vol.

Cask: 8074 Plain Butt - Autumn 2013

A ray of majestic yellow sun bursting through the clouds.

A lovely balanced nose, all the underlying flavours of Glenfarclas minus the rich sherry chocolate flavours.

Another creamy buttery cask from 1979. May need a drop of water to fully bring out the butteriness.

1979 is our most succesful year for The Family Casks, and here is another great dram to line up against the other casks from that year.
Bottled 2013.

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