The Family Casks

Strength: 52.4% Vol.

Cask: 1767 Sherry Hogshead

Lovely dark teak colour.

A big, powerful nose with notes of dark fruits, berries and a hint of peat smoke.

Very light on the front of the mouth, dancing across your tongue as if it was eager to give you its sherry, honey, marzipan and burnt chocolate flavours.

Everlasting finish, with some caramelised toffee. This whisky is so filling; your bottle will last a long time.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 43.8% Vol.

Cask: 1773 Sherry Hogshead Release II

Dark rich toffee in colour.

This whisky reminds me of our tradtional dunnage warehouses - earthy and woody with a light hint of peat. It's a whisky that deserves your time just to enjoy all the aromas.

It's oaky and winey, but not as overpowering on the sherry as you might expect from the colour. There is a lovely feeling as the flavours engulf your taste buds with chocolate, coffee and sherry.

The finish is full of dark chocolate, and a never-ending whisky flavour that stays with you for hours.
Bottled 2007.

1960 Release II

Strength: 44.6% Vol.

Cask: 1768 Sherry Hogshead Release III

What a colour! Dark, robust amber.

Our third selection from 1960 has a rather soft nose, due to the relatively low alcohol strength. It has that great new-car smell - one with leather seats, of course. Lots of sherry; young fresh sherry.

The dram presents an amazing mouth-filling experience. Wow! It is a little smoky, silky and slightly bitter. Think toasted almonds and rich Madeira cake.

The finish is long and elegant, and doesn't disappoint.
Bottled 2008.

1960 Release III

Strength: 47.0% Vol.

Cask: 1772 Sherry Hogshead Release VI

Rich dark mahogany.

Heavy in rich cocoa beans.
An old fashioned Gentleman's Club with Chesterfield chairs, polished banisters and old wood panels.

Dry, liquorice, heavy tannins. Again as on the nose, rich dark German/Belgian chocolate distinct bitterness that sets the whisky up perfectly.

Long finish oozing class and power.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 42.3% Vol.

Cask: 1770 Sherry Hogshead - Autumn 2013

The colour of a world's leading softdrink.

Amazing big sherried nose, lovely fresh fruit tree aromas also present. Smells stronger than it really is. Heavy tannins also emanating from the glass.

Cigar tobacco, burnt demerarar sugar, and a lot of very dark chocolate.

A must whisky for all of you who like big sherried whiskies. This whisky packs a punch, a great dram for 53 years old.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 46.0% Vol.

Cask: 4913 Sherry Hogshead

Exquisite dark peated amber.

A beautiful rich, fruity nose – astonishing for a whisky which is over 45 years old.  Very sweet; almost toffee apple sweet.
A big whisky, perfect in front of an open fire. It’s a real armchair whisky; one that you can sit and enjoy for a very long time. Like a very heavy sherry, or a heavy treacle pudding sprinkled with Christmas spices.
The long, rich finish seems to last for hours, and oozes toffee sweetness.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 52.2% Vol.

Cask: 1322 Sherry Hogshead Release III

After being enticed by its lovely, rich, dark copper colour, experience the fruity aroma of our third selection from 1961. The nose also offers light tannins, almonds and a hint of soft leather.

Although this whisky is quite a considerable age, it has a lot of youthful spiciness to it. Vibrant, I would say. There is some smokiness, but it is not at all overpowering. Instead, delicate light violet notes give way to a big sherry-sweet finish. If you like a big sherried whisky, you'll love this one.

The lovely long finish to this gem of a whisky has a great bitter chocolate end to it. Just like our previous 1961s, it's a fantastic vintage.
Bottled 2008.

1961b Release III

Strength: 54.4% Vol.

Cask: 1326 Sherry Hogshead Release VI

A beautiful old oak cask in colour.

Roasted coffee beans that have been dried in a Glenfarclas sherry hogshead.

Very bitter would go well with a double espresso coffee. 98% cocoa bean chocolate.

A big finish but quickly peters out, leaving you wanting more.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 47.0% Vol.

Cask: 1325 Sherry Hogshead Release VII

Dark mahogany in colour.

Chocolate cocoa beans that have been dipped into treacle. Leathery and a hint of plum brandy, a surprising combination of aromas for the age.

Incredibly smooth, rich dark chocolate, rather bitter on the offset, giving way to heavily sherried dryness.

Medium finish rather short, but for the 50 year old experience a true whisky to behold.

Bottled 2011.

1961d Release VII

Strength: 48.0% Vol.

Cask: 3050 Sherry Hogshead Release IX

Rich Dark Maple

Young fresh nose, nothing like being 50 years old. Almost like maple syrup, a syrup sweetness.

Fantastic bitter chocolate, very smooth no aggression at all.

A 50 year old whisky that does not disappoint, everything very fresh and vibrant.

Shortish finish but leaves you with a fantastic warming feeling from the tip of your tongue to the bottom of your throat.

This sample bottle is most definately staying with me.
Bottled 2012.

1961e Release IX

Strength: 48.0% Vol.

Cask: 3051 Sherry Hogshesad - Autumn 2013

Rich old amber.

A delightfully fruity nose amazing for a whisky over 50 years old. Toffee sweetness with a pear drop middle.

A sit and savour whisky, every time I taste this whisky it slightly changes flavour. Some fruit, some sticky toffee pudding, coffee and sultanas.

A real big finish, more sherry, more power. A finish that really does last for a long time.

Another gem from 1961, it may be a great wine vintage, but it is also a great vintage from Glenfarclas.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 54.8% Vol.

Cask: 2645 Sherry Hogshead

A very rich dark colour, with a Demerara sugar flavour.

A softly peated nose. I suggest warming your glass in your hands. As you do this, the whisky comes alive with spicy, oaky and floral attributes.

There is some liquorice and sweet sherry fullness captivating your taste buds, a chewy whisky you are going to spend a long time savouring.

Although a typical Glenfarclas, the sherry is not too overpowering, as it still allows the soft peat flavours to materialise alongside some bitter chocolate.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 52.0% Vol.

Cask: 2647 Sherry Hogshead Release III

The first thing you notice is the colour: a bold, rich red.

Then a surprise: it's light and refreshing on the nose, not what you would expect from a whisky of this age - or this strength. Instead, fresh peaches and pears present on the nose.

The fruitiness, however, is almost completely gone on the taste, replaced by a bold sherry experience. It fills your mouth completely and is very dry (almost a little musty).

A light smokiness with some oakiness is also present but nothing you wouldn't normally expect from a 46-year-old whisky. At 52%, this whisky has also kept its strength amazingly well. Don't be frightened to add a drop of water, which releases many more exciting aromas, more earthy notes, and marzipan.

The lovely, long, mouth-filling finish completes another great from Glenfarclas.
Bottled 2008.

1962 Release III

Strength: 55.7% Vol.

Cask: 2649 Sherry Hogshead Release VI

Rich amber, with a bright sheen.

A wonderful nose of brandy soaked peaches, fresh ginger bread.The nose is changing all the time, a very vibrant fresh experience ending with the nose of a freshly lacquered still, spirits, varnish and copper all wonderfully balanced together.

Very sweet, hard fruit candy, orange essence, similar to a mandarin liqueur. Long fruity finish.

A very unusual whisky from Glenfarclas not the normal flavour. More fruity than chocolate.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 49.2% Vol.

Cask: 2648 Sherry Hogshead Release VIII

Heavily polished amber.

Citrus on the nose, grassy green fading into fried fruit, leaving you with pear drops.

Pear drops very apparent on the nose, dried grass, quite a fragrant whisky, stewed pears emanating from the lip of the glass. Not a typical Glenfarclas, but very intriguing nonetheless.

Long and interesting (in a very good way).
An incredibly moreish whisky (definately leaves you wanting more).
Bottled 2011.

Strength: 40.9% Vol.

Cask: 3247 Sherry Hogshead Release X

Tinge of red through mahogany.

Lovely dry sweetness on the nose, pear drops certainly and hard toffee candy. Not quite as sweet as the nose but some sweetness nonetheless. Light bitterness, old leather and tobacco present. For an almost 50 years old whisky, it is remarkably fresh.

Dry and bitter finish, if you like espresso coffee you will love this whisky.
Bottled 2012.

Strength: 45.3% Vol.

Cask: 3245 Sherry Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Rich polished mahogany.

50 years old with a big powerful nose. Almost like an old fruit wine. Spiced notes also coming through on top of ginger biscuits.

Slight smokiness on the palate. Underlying treacle and toffee. Marzipan present on the last bit of the finish.

A super after dinner dram, to be shared only with the best of company.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 56.7% Vol.

Cask: 4098 Sherry Butt

A lovely rich, dark whisky – colour more often associated with a dark cognac.

A big heavy-sherried whisky; great if you like them big and powerful. It is more than 40 years old but has lost none of its appeal. Still strong but not overpowering. Some vanilla and citrus present at the back of your mouth – almost like the caramelized fruit you’d find in a fruit cake.

A wonderful long finish sitting heavily at the back of your mouth. Sherry flavours and fruit cake wonderfully balanced.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 50.4% Vol.

Cask: 179 Sherry Hogshead Release VIII

Reddish mahogany.

Almost like an old port wine on the nose, lovely rich vibrant tannins. Spicy Mulligatawny soup. Light citric notes giving way to stewed apples.

Fresh fruit initially then almost like a fresh apricot that has been dipped into lovely dark chocolate.

Long delicate fruit with natural sweetness.
Bottled 2011.

1963 Release VIII

Strength: 46.5% Vol.

Cask: 176 Sherry Hogshead Release X

Dark Oak.

Spicy and sweet on the nose, big sherry aromas.
This whisky is a must for big sherry lovers, robust and full. A true powerhouse from the Glenfarclas warehouses. Slight bitterness giving straight away to a big sweet offering, lots of Demerara sugar and sweet Turkish coffee.

Medium finish, creme brulee, most certainly vanilla sweetness and burnt brown sugar.
A typical Glenfarclas in my mind.
Bottled 2012.

Strength: 42.2% Vol.

Cask: 3540 Sherry Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Dark un-polished teak.

From the colour, you expect a large sherry bomb, but this is a very fresh fruity whisky.

Heavy tannins on the palate, again surprisingly light sherry, oak is the overriding flavour in this whisky. Very dry, a little bitter, light citrus undertones.

Big long fruity dry finish.

One of the best whiskies I have tasted for its unusual style and balance. One for the Grant drinks cabinet!
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 53.1% Vol.

Cask: 4717 Sherry Butt

Dark copper in colour – like an old still.

Elegant and refined on the nose. Floral, with candyfloss sweetness. Youthful for its age. Another surprise from The Family Casks collection.

Let this dram breathe and you will be rewarded with lovely flavours of apples and pears topped with a heavy dose of sherry.

A crescendo of a finish, with the whole orchestra playing together. Lots of dark chocolate.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 48.5% Vol.

Cask: 4719 Sherry Butt Release VII

Rich copper - like the colour that has developed on a Glenfarclas still, which has been in use for at least 3 years.

Cola Cubes, sweet and dry on the nose, an interesting combination. Light tannins, more from Burgundy wine than a big Bordeaux. Almost like a polished segment of sandalwood, a very fragrant whisky.

Smooth and very palatable, leaves you wanting more. Not as dry on the palate as it is on the nose.

Long, delicate, lightly leathery, a very typical Glenfarclas.

Bottled 2011.

1964 Release VII

Strength: 41.0% Vol.

Cask: 4722 Sherry Butt - Autumn 2013

Like all the other 1964 casks a lovely rich dark copper.

Big oloroso nose, stewed apples and pears, golden syrup. Toffee and caramel also present with oak on the end of nose.

A very dry whisky that sings Glenfarclas to you. Dry, sweet and bitter all in one go. Lots of burnt demerara sugar.

A creme brulee topping on top of a sherry trifle.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 51.8% Vol.

Cask: 4513 Sherry Butt Release X

Rich Amber

Let this whisky breathe a little before giving your nose the full workout of seductive aromas from this dram. It's a big sherried monster, marzipan and icing definately top this off.
Bitter initial flavours, very full, stewed fruit, again more heavily sherried flavours. Demerara sugar and chocolate covered coffee beans.

Long finish of Christmas mulled wine and a very strong double espresso.
Bottled 2012.

Strength: 60.0% Vol.

Cask: 3861 Sherry Butt

Rich, bright gold.

Lots of toffee on the nose, alongside pear drops. Quite a dry nose. This is a light whisky that dances across your palate. Very fresh with some deep sweetness apparent at the back of the mouth.

It’s a whisky that does appear to open up significantly with a little air, and is much richer after being in the glass for several minutes. More heathery notes apparent.

A long lingering finish with a little smoky aftertaste.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 51.9% Vol.

Cask: 4362 Sherry Butt Release V

A very dark treacle in colour.

Light on the nose initially, with some walnuts dipped in chocolate coming through.

Similar to the previous 1965 this needs some time to open up in the glass. After forty four years in a cask this whisky needs some breathing space, a drop or two of water has the same effect. Distinct heather honey notes emanating after a couple of minutes.

An incredibly easy drinking whisky.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 53.7% Vol.

Cask: 4502 Sherry Butt Release IX

Bright sunlit copper

A strong nose, this whisky definitely needs some air, give it some time to open up in the glass; the wait is well worth it. Slightly olive oil notes present, then some big tannins bursting forward. Bordeaux wine drinkers will love this particular whisky.

A whisky that would go exceptionally well with a bitter dark chocolate dessert or a heavy cigar. Some more tannins mixed with parma violets.

Big finish, light smokiness. Overall a big robust, yet smooth whisky.
Bottled 2012.

1965c Release IX

Strength: 51.5% Vol.

Cask: 4177 Sherry Butt

A dark amber colour with lots of warmth.

A very fresh nose – flawless after 40 years – with a hint of the sweetness of toffee caramel.

It is a full whisky with a slight spiciness on the palate. Very warm with a little tannin coming through on the aftertaste.

All in all, it’s a beautiful full-bodied whisky with all the flavours and experiences you could wish for from a 40-year-old dram.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 51.1% Vol.

Cask: 4186 Sherry Butt Release VIII

Very dark like a certain caffeinated soft drink.

45 years old, yet a very fresh dram, malty tones, chocolate melting in a pan. Sherry a large defining factor.

Bitter dark chocoate present on the palate, a truely typical Glenfarclas, lots of demerara sugar, bitter dark chocolate, and Christmas cake, fruit, nuts, sherry, brandy all present.

A great finish - that truely lasts forever.
Bottled 2011.

1966 Release VIII

Strength: 58.5% Vol.

Cask: 5118 Sherry Hogshead

Dark amber gold, a complex full-bodied Glenfarclas.  Intense aromas rich tones of liquorice, cinnamon, raisins, vanilla and honey and a hint of peat smoke.
Also some earthy undertones present.

Sweet layer of honey caramel and toffee.

Gloriously smooth, smoky and a long-lasting finish. A whisky that has aged very well.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 58.7% Vol.

Cask: 5117 Sherry Hogshead Release II

Dark amber.

Spicy on the nose, with orange zest in good quanities. Not just any oranges - oranges that have been covered with cloves, like we used to have at Christmas.

The taste is similar to the nose, with more orange cloves leading to sweetness. It evokes memories of Christmas morning - the excitement and anticipation of opening your presents and finding everything you wanted, and much more.

It has a beautiful, long buttery and fruity finish, with some light nuttiness. In short, it's another Glenfarclas gem.
Bottled 2007.

1967 Release II

Strength: 60.8% Vol.

Cask: 5110 Sherry Hoghead Release V

Light polished copper in colour.

Smell of opening the kitchen door of your grandmother's house when she has been busy baking cakes.

Flavours fighting in your mouth, first into the sweetness then bitter orange tones push their way through. An interesting malt that many will love.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 54.0% Vol.

Cask: 6354 Sherry Butt - Autumn 2013

Spring morning sunshine.

A surprisingly light colour for a first fill sherry cask.

A strong powerful nose, light oakiness, bold fruit, almost like a meringue topped with brandy and set alight.

Some marzipan and aniseed on the palate. Light creamy malty tones. Pear drop candy on the end.

Lovely long silky finish, leaves you wanting more.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 65.1% Vol.

Cask: 1316 Sherry Butt

A dark amber-bronze colour. Full-bodied Glenfarclas, very deep and mature, complex fruit, sultanas and marmalade. A strong powerful Glenfarclas, I believe it is the strongest we have ever released at this age.

The aromas are intense with rich tones of honey, vanilla, liquorice, cinnamon, raisins, and a hint of peat smoke.

This whisky has many layers to delve through. It is like a layered cake with fruit on top, honey caramel and toffee in the middle, with dry oaky spiciness and a slightly smoky finish.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 49.5% Vol.

Cask: 534 Sherry Butt Release VI

A very dark whisky that sees no light passing through it.

The second 1968 to be produced for The Family Casks. The first 1968 was the strongest Glenfarclas bottled to date at 65.1% vol.
The whisky again although strong on the nose, does after a little air open up offering maltiness, buttery icing and the smell of a dunnage warehouse.

An increasingly dry whisky. A whisky you definately need a second dram of. A whisky version of blotting paper, takes all the liquid out of your mouth but leaves all the flavour.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 56.2% Vol.

Cask: 3184 Sherry Hogshead

Very deep bronze.

Another full-bodied and heavily-sherried Glenfarclas, but quite peaty for us.

Spicy yet sweet; a complex palate that evolves. Add a drop of water and enjoy the whisky as it opens up, revealing a mix of maltiness and sherry in your mouth. The water also lets you enjoy the flavours for longer.

A little vanilla on the aftertaste. Strong yet very warming.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 56.5% Vol.

Cask: 3185 Sherry Hogshead Release II

Rich and dark, it's almost the colour of old mahogany that has been polished too much.

This 1969 possesses a wonderful balance of age, fruit and wood - a great accomplishment for a whisky of this age.

It has full mouth-filling flavours of light sherry, light spiciness and light nuttiness but leaves you with an all-over feeling of power held back by light delicate flavours. Then, near the end, molasses, almonds and rich chocolate.
Bottled 2007.

1969 Release II

Strength: 55.6% Vol.

Cask: 3188 Sherry Hogshead Release III

This strong, dark red whisky is a great all-rounder - just fantastic from nose to finish.

It is more than 55% Vol. and the strength is a apparent on the trademark Glenfarclas nose, which is heavily sherried and rich with fruit - lots of fresh ripe plums and nectarines.

Although a dry, heavy, solid whisky, there is also lovely sweetness from start to finish. Toffee, then a little light tannin, and a bitter sweetness to finish. It doesn't disappoint.
Bottled 2008.

1969 Release III

Strength: 53.9% Vol.

Cask: 3186 Sherry Hogshead Release IV

Lovely dark mahogany.

WOW what a nose, so much sweetness on the nose just bursting to get out.

A whisky very comparable to a beautiful Armagnac, which practically melts in your mouth, very warming, a whisky that has Glenfarclas written all over it. Spectacular for a 40 year old dram.

A lingering lovely aftertaste, could still taste this whisky in my mouth an hour after drinking it. Lovely cocoa beans dissolving in the back of your mouth, again WOW.
Bottled 2009.

Strength: 56.2% Vol.

Cask: 3187 Sherry Hogshead Release VI

Rich Autumn red sunset.

You could just smell this whisky all day.

Rich, sweet, fruity, vanilla, nuts all balanced together perfectly.

Truly an honour to be able to drink this whisky. Very very smooth, rich creamy, gives your entire mouth a full whisky work out.
A long lasting finish, again very smooth.

Can clearly see why the 1969 has been such a popular year for The Family Casks.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 48.9% Vol.

Cask: 63 Plain Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Autumn sunshine.

A heavily polished cricket bat, a surf board. Definately some waxy nose to it. Stewed oranges coming through after a minute or two.

A great all rounder, fruit, sherry, nuts, choclate - everything in the glass but no one overriding flavour, a very balanced dram.

Elegant finish, certainly a whisky you can sit and have a few of!
Bottled 2013.

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