The Family Casks

Strength: 56.5% Vol.

Cask: 1712 Plain Hogshead

A light whisky, though dark for a plain cask. The colour is like fudge.

This is the oldest whisky we have stocks of, so it definitely demands respect. For some reason we don’t have any stock from 1951, the year my father was born.

A good smoky nose with lingering vanilla, lightly floral which is surprising from such an old whisky. Boiled sweets on the front of your taste buds, like pear drops. Followed with some citrus notes.

Again the smoke is present, perhaps a day when dramming time got in the way of extinguishing the peat from under the maltings? A drop or two of water, or giving this whisky time to breathe some air, releases more earthy flavours.

Finish is light and crisp, not a typical Glenfarclas but what we would expect from a cask that has been used several times.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 41.9% Vol. % Vol.

Cask: 1710 Plain Hogshead Release II

Pale, almost Sauternes in colour. Its also like a Sauternes in viscosity - a thick, heavy whisky.

With this, our second selection from 1952, we now have even fewer casks. So the rarity factor really comes into play, hence only 55 bottles available.

Smoky on the nose, I think the guys in the malt barns may have let the peat burn a little long on this batch. Still floral notes (almost like vanilla) or like the oak wood chips normally used on my barbecue.

Tannins are apparent immediately on the tast buds, but not as overpowering as you might expect from such an old whisky. A couple of drops of water release more flavours of peat and burnt malty sweetness.

The finish is long and lingering. You can still taste the whisky in your mouth long after the glass is empty.
Bottled 2007.

1952 Release II

Strength: 47.3% Vol.

Cask: 1713 Plain Hogshead Release III

I remember nosing and tasting this liquid gold-coloured whisky back in 2006, and it's amazing the difference two more years' maturation has made. And yet, it is surprisingly fresh for its age and could be left in its cask for a few more years.

There is lots of nuttiness and marzipan on the nose, with vanilla trying to fight its way forward. The taste is light, bitter, sweet, sour, smoky... every possible combination of flavours. Even some citrus and orange cordial.

The finish, not especially long, offers lingering smokiness. It's also unique to have a Glenfarclas with no sherry flavours at all.

At 55 years old, this is the oldest bottling of Glenfarclas to date. For me, it's a delight to savour such an important part of the distillery's history.
Bottled 2008.

1952 Release III

Strength: 53.7% Vol.

Cask: 1678 Sherry Butt

A beautiful, rich caramel colour that looks perfect in your glass. A rich whisky with a powerful sherry nose, followed by floral honey sweetness. Also some peat smoke coming through to give the whisky some burnt-on-the-wood nose.

Light oaky flavours emerge on this whisky, which has beautiful sherry flavours shining through it. Tastes nothing like you would imagine for such an old whisky. Allow the whisky some time to wake up in your glass and, after a while, some nice earthy tones develop, reminding you where it has been for more than half a century.

While the flavour is surprising for such an old whisky, the finish is just what you would expect from a great Glenfarclas. Many different flavours present in the glass and in your mouth – all melding together perfectly.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 49.6% Vol.

Cask: 1675 Sherry Butt Release X

Spring Sunshine

A little air in this whisky really opens it up. Amazing nose for a whisky that is 58 years old, very youthful an giving.
After nosing this for 30 minutes the aromas continue to change, fruits, vanilla, boiled candy, spices and malple syrup.
A spicy taste, light sherry sweetness, a great balance between age, sweetness, nuttiness and dried fruit.

Shortish finish but a big finish nonetheless, more sweetness and toffee apples.
A magnificent dram from the oldest cask we have.
Bottled 2012.

1953 Release X

Strength: 52.6% Vol.

Cask: 444 Sherry Butt

A full amber gold colour – almost shiny. A big powerful nose. Very strong, especially for its age. An old whisky that is most definitely not ready to roll over and admit its age just yet!

This whisky is very different from the Glenfarclas 1954 Vintage. It is much more powerful, promising so much on the nose. Think ‘SSS’ – Sweet, Smoky and Seductive – and be entrapped by the aroma.

A beautiful full whisky that complements the aroma perfectly. You still get some of the prominent peaty flavours but they are encased in deep tannins of old oak. You will find the joyous taste of this dram will linger and linger.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 46.3% Vol.

Cask: 1253 Sherry Butt - Autumn 2013

A rich autumn sunrise.

Initially a spicy aroma, then big heavy fruits, lovely sweet sherry emanating from the edges. Amazing nose for a 59 year old whisky.

Silky smooth, light smokiness balanced with sweet golden syrup. The flavours swirl around your mouth, like a mini tornado bombarding your senses.

Fresh acorns to fully mature oak, fresh oak to light tannins.

This whisky has everything to offer. The balance is quite sublime for such an old whisky.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 46.1% Vol.

Cask: 2211 Sherry Butt

Gloriously dark. A big, rich sherried nose that has lost nothing of its power, having been captured in an oak cask for so long. Rich coffee aromas alongside spicy fruit.

A truly intense flavour of fruit, sherry and other alcohols perfectly encased in a velvet bag. A very smooth, yet powerful dram. A sip explodes and covers your mouth with a beautiful, almost oily, whisky flavour. A wonderful sensation.

A spicy finish with a finale of chocolate nuttiness.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 43.3% Vol.

Cask: 2217 Sherry Butt - Autumn 2013

Freshly polished amber.

Light aniseed, violets, butterscotch candies. Very smooth and buttery on the nose.

All the taste of the warehouse and cak in your glass.

Long finish with some spikes of sherry, coffee, and oak.

Let this whisky breathe for a little while before drinking it, which will really open up the whisky. Not a typical Glenfarclas but a gem all the same.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 47.3% Vol.

Cask: 1758 Sherry Butt

An incredibly dark whisky; very rich in texture.

Initially, the nose is delicate – not what you would expect after seeing the colour. Once a little air has interacted, strong sherry aromas emerge, bringing forth a waterfall of scents varying from lychees to papaya.

As you would expect from a whisky of this calibre and age, the presence of the oak is strong. Adding a little water takes the edge away from the tannins, revealing flavours of brandy and armanac.

A powerful whisky. Although less than 50% Vol, it tastes much stronger and this is evident on the finish.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 46.6% Vol.

Cask: 2353 Sherry Butt - Autumn 2013

Rich dark maple.

Wow what a nose, rich powerful, heavy sherried. Rich fruit cake. Underlying sweetness.

Crisp smokiness, heavy sherry, rich dark cherries, all exploding in your mouth in one go.

Light oakiness but not as much as you would expect from a whisky of this age.

Bitter cocoa beans to finish this off.

A great cask from 1956.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 54% Vol.

Cask: 2111 Sherry Hogshead

Rich, dark, almost espresso coffee in colour.

A big powerful sherry nose, really rich fruit cake, with almonds, sultanas and a mixture of spirits coming through.

Vanilla, caramel and toffee, a big whisky that fills your whole mouth. A very bitter chocolate in the end at the back of your mouth. Also some smoke flavours, a long powerful finish. An all-round great dram.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 46.5% Vol.

Cask: 2115 Sherry Hogshead Release II

Rich dark mahogany in colour.

Sweet in the nose. Very floral with golden syrup molasses.

This whisky is very heavy, with flavours of syrup and rich fruit cake present, along with lots of alcohol-preserved fruit - and a hint of oak.

It has a deep, long lasting finish with lots of sherry present. In fact, the sherry almost dominates the whisky's finish.

Overall, it is a truly beautiful whisky, and a great Glenfarclas dram.
Bottled 2007.


1957 Release II

Strength: 46.2% Vol.

Cask: 2 Sherry Hogshead Release III

A very rich, dark whisky which reflects almost no light through the bottle.

Strong, rich tannins are immediately present on the nose. However, you will also experience lots of sherry, rich stewed coffee, a fresh bag of liquorice... so many different aromas as this delightful whisky is released into the air. After about 20 minutes, you might even sense Macademia nuts.

This is a very big, heavy whisky - rich in alcohol-soaked fruit. Almost bitter to begin with, then a delicate sweetness present. A strong double-espresso immediately comes to mind when drinking this, not only the colour but also the rich flavours.

It has a bitter, dark chocolate aftertaste, present for a very long time. In short, a fantastic whisky - over 50 years old and still above 46%. A great treat.
Bottled 2008.

1957 Release III

Strength: 43.7% Vol.

Cask: 1081 Sherry Hogshead Release X

Light will not pass through this whisky, it is like thick set treacle.

A little air gives off floral aromas, toffee caramel and nuts, (a liquid peanut chocolate bar). A very big whisky, definately to sit and savour all night.

A very smooth whisky, almost like drinking a strong herbal tea. Big bitter flavours, dark chocolate dusted with coarse sea salt.
Bottled 2012.

Strength: 49.6% Vol.

Cask: 2126 Sherry Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Like a stewed tea in colour.

Smells cask strength, still a lot of power coming through. Rich demerara sugar, toffee and caramel all there.

Just as big on the taste as on the nose, fresh figs, pear drops and toffee apples.

A drop of water in this releases a lot of the aromas and flavours that have been trapped in the cask for decades.

A time honoured dram that hides nothing.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 51.6% Vol.

Cask: 2245 Sherry Butt

A very dark treacle colour.

A wonderful nose: rich and appetising, malty and caramel, all in one. I can sense the toffee from a toffee apple.

A strong whisky for its years, with fresh fruity and floral tastes. I suggest adding a few drops of water, as this really does wonders, releasing an array of sherry flavours mixed with toasted coffee. Magnificent.

The finish is long, but you wish it was longer. You will want to remember the light fresh and fruity flavour forever. A great whisky to end a wonderful evening – but you will want it to last until dawn!
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 43.7% Vol.

Cask: 2062 Sherry Hogshead Release X

Dark rich pitch pine panels (like in my office).

Let this whisky have a minute in the glass to breathe then it truly comes alive, lovely thick viscous nose. Lots of sherry, and fresh fruit that has been soaked in brandy.
Leathery undertones, light tobacco, sweet and bitter in one. Like bing in Warehouse No.1 when opening the casks, light mustiness earthy and historical.

An all round great Glenfarclas a real end of an evening dram. A dessert? Or simply a dram of 1958, no contest really.
Bottled 2012

Strength: 44.2% Vol.

Cask: 2064 Sherry Hoghead - Autumn 2013

Dark rich treacle.

Rich heavy aromas, caramel, cotton candy, puff candy. All the delights of going to a fairground.

A Christmas cake dram, heavy dark fruits, light nuttiness and burnt demerara sugar.

New car, leather seat smell.

Dessert itself, to be nosed for a long time before being savoured. I advise giving this whisky time in your glass rather than adding water. But always up to you!
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 52.5% Vol.

Cask: 1816 Sherry Hogshead

Black gold.

An amazing whisky that bellows Christmas carols at you.

This whisky has the spiciness of mulled wine and the greenness of mistletoe captivated on the nose. Christmas continues with the taste; rich Christmas pudding topped with icing sugar and brandy butter. A silky smooth dram with so much to give. More rich fruitcake at the back of your mouth.

To finish, this whisky has a great flavour of marzipan and Christmas sherry. A divine dram.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 50.9% Vol.

Cask: 3227 Sherry Hogshead Release III

I know whisky shouldn't be like wine and have exceptional vintages, but I have to say 1959 is a quite amazing 'vintage' from Glenfarclas.

It has a great, rich, dark mahogany colour and a big, rich, chocolaty nose. Think bitter coco beans floating in a shot of the best espresso, followed by layers of marzipan, red liquorice and Christmas cake.

Close your eyes and you could imagine this as anything but whisky. It could be a Cognac or an Armagnac.

After some lovely light smokiness at the front of the mouth, light tannins give way to a wave of oakiness, which in turn give way to burnt bitter chocolate.

With a finish that lasts until morning, it is truly awe-inspiring.
Bottled 2008.


1959 Release III

Strength: 48.8% Vol.

Cask: 1838 Sherry Hogshead Release IV

A rich heavy teak colour.

50 years old. The nose is still emanating some fresh aromas, with heavy oloroso sherry punching its way through. A strong alcohol nose, very surprising for the age.

However , the taste is nothing like the nose, very mellow and pleasing, textures similar to a fine old port, very smooth and heavy tannins mixed together with wonderful sweetness. A whisky you really can enjoy, savour and appreciate time after time. A very long aftertaste that lingers for hours. Christmas flavours ever present - spice, icing, alcohol soaked fruit and of course sherry.

One of our very best.
Bottled 2009.

Strength: 48.5% Vol.

Cask: 1819 Sherry Hogshead Release X

A dark old ruby.

Another delightful Glenfarclas, sherried to the max. Very sweet, treacle and golden syrup spring to mind. No wood or oak to speak of really. Almost one dimensional flavours and if you like that, you are going to love this whisky.
A real office pleaser!

Honey on the back of your mouth, heavy viscous sherry coating the rest.
Bottled 2012.

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