The Family Casks

Strength: 58.9% Vol.

Cask: 9246 Sherry Butt

This bottling is darker than its stablemates from the 90s, with a hint of redness.

The thick, powerful nose is bursting with sherry – and demerara sugar.

The lovely malty flavour keeps pace with the powerful, rich viscous flavours of sherry. It’s a full whisky that demands respect; high in alcohol and flavour.

Adding a little water does not tame the flavours. Instead, it simply elongates the sensation until you reach the lovely caramelised fruit flavours near the end.

The finish is something to write home about – very elegant and refreshing.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 56.5% Vol.

Cask: 5095 Sherry Butt Release V

A beautiful red sunrise.

Malty nose, sweet, big olorosso, hand polished antique wood panelling.

Lovely tones coming through in a platter of spiced fruit, a creme brulee topping with extra Demerara sugar. Then to end a hint of buttery vanilla.

A great all rounder. Fresh, sweet and with a big finish.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 56.9% Vol.

Cask: 5099 Sherry Butt Release VIII

Dark oak.

A strong nose. Prominent oloroso sherry on the edge of the glass, bitter cocoa beans, chocolate macaroons.

Big flavours, sweet iced tea, giving way to spiciness of cinnamon and almond powder, and then to wave after wave of fantastic sherry and port sensations.

Heavy finish, triple choclate cheesecake, not a very long finish but you certainly get all the flavours crammed in there. Everything you want in one big hit.
Bottled 2011.

1990 Release VIII

Strength: 57.9% Vol.

Cask: 5623 Sherry Butt

Colour? Smooth amber. Nose? Rich and delicious with essences of pears and toffee. This is a whisky that’s appetising to say the least. It’s rich in sherry but not in an overpowering way.

Lightly roasted chestnuts with a chocolate dipping sauce spring immediately to mind. The texture is rich with a slight oily covering, giving you a very smooth silky coating to your entire mouth.

The finish is big and powerful, with a lot of fruit berries and some lovely burnt chocolate.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 57.1% Vol.

Cask: 5669 Sherry Butt Release IX

A giant redwood tree

Light tannins, caramel, creme brulee style, vanilla notes underlying throughout, a very well balanced nose.

20 years old and having just made it through those teenager years it has survived very well. Big sweetness very hard toffee that has been broken open using an absurdly large hammer, this whisky explodes onto your palate.

Long rounded finish, fruit present on the end, a great dram to finish the evening off.
Bottled 2012.

1991b Release IX

Strength: 55.5% Vol.

Cask: 264 Sherry Butt

Light yellowy-bronze. Fruity and fragrant – with a hint of elder flower perhaps.

The flavour is buttery and light. You can almost taste the freshly-made pancakes, served with syrup and ice cream. It’s very smooth and refreshing, and dances over the tongue with light touches of pear drops.

The finish is beautifully fresh; long and light.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 59.5% Vol.

Cask: 861 Sherry Butt Release VIII


Buttery and creamy on the nose, a little nutty, like opening a tub of peanut butter. Light maltiness too. A finger of buttery shortbread with a light spread of peanut butter.

Buttery again on the palate, light aniseed flavours and liquorice. Slight hint of apples and pears present in the glass after 5-10 minutes.

Finish is almost like a mug of Ovaltine, vanilla and malty tones.
Bottled 2011.

1992 Release VIII

Strength: 55.8% Vol.

Cask: 1710 Sherry Butt Release X

Light Gold.

Sweet heather honey, violets, pear drops and very buttery. A dram to add a drop or two of water to. Let the surface tension break to release the buttery flavours and light toffee sweetness. A slight dry layer in between the toffee and a layer of sweet pastry.

Shortish finish leaving you ready for another dram.
Bottled 2012.

Strength: 58.9% Vol.

Cask: 11 Refill Sherry Butt

This bottling radiates amber gold.

Savour the powerful rich nose of almonds and rich fruit cake, and then enjoy the spectacular flavours of sherry-soaked fruit. Some light tannins are apparent here but this is a very fresh whisky; a lovely mix of sherry and Spanish oak. Very appetising.

The big finish is long and sweet. A little water slows the finish down further – and uncovers chocolate to die for.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 59.7% Vol.

Cask: 3942 Sherry Butt Release V

The colour of Autumn Gold.

Indulge yourself in the pleasant warming nasal effect, quite spicy with a subtle hint of green pepper.

This is a strong whisky that almost explodes in your mouth leaving you with a sensation perhaps similar to a sprinkling of pepper. Adding a few drops of water opens up the whisky and it reminds me of cooked apples with a hint of cinnamon further developing into sweet rum & raisin fudge.

A long imposing finish, leaving the everlasting flavours dancing around the upper palate of your mouth.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 58.7% Vol.

Cask: 74 Sherry Butt Release IX

Rich Autumn sunset

Big sherried nose, long sensation of warmth and demerara sugar, after nosing this whisky you are desparate to taste it.

Taste envelops your entire mouth senses in a split second, a 19 year old whisky that acts like a much younger sibling, but the maturity really comes through in the finish, long  and defined, enjoyable to the last.
Bottled 2012.

1993c Release IX

Strength: 59.6% Vol.

Cask: 2935 Sherry Butt

This golden brown bottling is the youngest of our first release of The Family Casks collection, but is has the character to stand up to its older siblings.

The nose leaves you thinking of pear drops. It ’s buttery in character with gentle hints of vanilla essence. Perfumed.

Citrus flavours are ever-present with some fresh herbs and spices, underpinned by light sherry and vanilla.

The finish is pure sherry but some earthy flavours are also present.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 59.3% Vol.

Cask: 3629 Sherry Butt Release V

Rich Amber Gold

A fresh perfumed whisky, oozes sherry.

Great balance of vanilla, nuts chocolate and fruit. Citrus notes present, which remind me of sweet lime marmalade.

A big whisky for only being 15 years old.

Good balanced finish, with more sherry.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 57.9% Vol.

Cask: 2950 Sherry Butt Release IX

Rich Amber

Rich sweet, malty almost like a chocoalte covered digestive. Some dried fruit present, sultanas and raisins.

1994 is a fantastic vintage for Glenfarclas. This dram although not as sweet on the palate as on the nose, has dry coffee bitterness, rich dark chocolate also very much present.

One of the longest finishies I have ever experienced in a whisky. A truly moreish whisky (you will have more!).
Bottled 2012.

1994c Release IX

Strength: 60.1% Vol.

Cask: 6778 Sherry Hogshead Release VI

Autumn Straw Gold in Colour.

A rich powerful nose. Once past the over 60% nose there is a rich fresh sherry, vanillas, light spiciness, cooking treacle. Even some light tannins present too.

A very creamy whisky, coats your mouth with a lovely layer of toffee, fudge and honey. You would never believe that this whisky has such a high percentage of alcohol. A relatively short finish that definately leaves you wanting more.

This particular whisky was picked by guests at my Master Class during the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2010. Thirty guests had a choice of 6 whiskies from 1995 and this was the winner.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as they did.
Bottled 2010.

1995a Release VI

Strength: 52.5% Vol.

Cask: 6612 Sherry Butt Release IX

24 carat Gold

Toffee, butterscotch, caramel - a whisky toffee.

A floral, herbal palate, strangely alluring, a very different taste to the nose.

Aftertaste is a happy marriage of the nose and palate, light sweetness with light floral spices.

A truly different Glenfarclas, for when you are looking for something that little bit different.
Bottled 2012.

1995b Release IX

Strength: 55.6% Vol.

Cask: 1306 Sherry Butt Release VII

Together with George Grant, this fantastic whisky was selected by the panel of visitors who came to an event at Glenfarclas - 'The Family Casks - help choose the 1996 bottling', held during the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2011. The following tasting note was compiled by George and the 30 people who selected the cask.

Tangerine, polished bronze.

Roasted Chestnuts, deep sherry, Christmas cake flavours, toffee chocolate, light vanilla custard, old leather, the smell of a lovely cared for old book. Chocolate orange dried apricots. A cinnamon tanginess.

A wonderfully balanced whisky very rounded.

Bottled 2011.

1996a Release VII

Strength: 58.8% Vol.

Cask: 5979 Refill Sherry Hogshead Release X

Together with George Grant, this fantastic whisky was selected by the panel of visitors who came to an event at Glenfarclas - 'The Family Casks - help choose the 1997 bottling', held during the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival 2012. The following tasting note was compiled by George and the 30 guests who selected the cask.

Dark Amber

Smooth, sweet, caramel and toffee. Mocha coffee, light dry aromas from the warehouse. Christmas cake and spices also apparent on the nose.

'It had me convinced from my first impression' (NT)
'Classic Glenfarclas fr me' (MFM)
'Bang on dram. Glenfarclas as I like it.' (TK)
'Liquid Toffee' (MB)

Bottled 2012.

Strength: 59.0% Vol.

Cask: 9811 Refill Hogshead - Autumn 2013

After the huge success of the selection of 1997 Cask 5979 during the "Spirit of Speyside 2012" we have had to release another cask already.

This is a light coloured whisky.

Beautiful soft floral nose.

Big flavours. For such a light whisky there are still some rich sherry flavours coming through. Slight liquorice, maybe red liquorice.

Again a lovely long floral finish. 1997 a year to keep an eye on.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 58.0% Vol.

Cask: 8976 Refill Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Together with George Grant, this fantastic whisky was selected by the panel of visitors who came to an event at Glenfarclas - 'The Family Casks - Help choose the 1998 bottling', held during the Spririt of Speyside Whisky Festival 2013. The following tasting note was complied by George and the 30 people who selected the cask.
Sweet, smooth. Apricots topped with a chocolate mint sauce.
Biggest fruit, most friendly. Michael G.
Candied Oranges. Michelle S.
+++. Claudio R.
Caramel with mint absinthe. Emmett H.
Bottled 2013.

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