The Family Casks

Strength: 50.1% Vol.

Cask: 1942 Refill Sherry Butt

A light golden sheen.

The nose is fruity with some strong citrus scents emanating from the centre of the glass. After a while, a slight leathery aroma emerges.

It is a very sweet whisky. The texture is almost like a good butter shortbread – and it really does dissolve in your mouth.

It has an ample finish which produces a delightful coating on your tongue and throat.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 49.7% Vol.

Cask: 1911 Refill Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Light amber.

A fruity whisky, with some cinnamon nestling in the centre. Old polished leather also prominent.

Peppery. Mild bitterness, then into a creamy peppered sauce.

Vanilla custard to finish.

Dinner in a glass.
Bottled 2013

Strength: 52.4% Vol.

Cask: 29 Refill Sherry Hogshead

A light yellow-gold colour.

Like a tobacconist’s shop, this whisky has a smoky nose with fresh tobacco but no peat or medicinal flavours. There are also woody tannins present.

If you are looking for the big Glenfarclas sherry flavour, you will not find it here. But this bottling is enticing because it is an exception in the collection. Possibly even a liquid alternative to a cigar.

It boasts a super-powered aftertaste, with more smoke present.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 50.9% Vol.

Cask: 58 Plain Hogshead Release V

Antique gold in colour.

Fruity pipe tobacco, underlying old fashioned sweet shop smell, hard fruit candies. A very fresh whisky for a 29 year old.

Although light and full on the nose, lots more tobacco and heavy tannins on the taste, also some light spiciness. Not a long finish which definitely leaves you wanting more.

A distinct 3 season whisky, where the nose, the taste and the finish do not blend into each other.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 50.8% Vol.

Cask: 57 Plain Hogshead Release VII

Autumn straw gold.

The inside of a warehouse 3 at Glenfarclas, pipe tobacco present (unlit). Fresh and fruity, a freshly baked apple strudel.

Would recommend a drop of water in this to open it up and reveal more delicate fruitiness.

Not a typical Glenfarclas but a fine dram.

Bottled 2011.


1981 Release VII

Strength: 43.5% Vol.

Cask: 1081 Refill Hogshead - Autumn 2013

Pale straw.

This is like walking into an old sweet shop.

Although all the sweets are in their jars there is still the sweet smell of hard candy in the air, all wafting into this glass.

This whisky may not have much colour, but it certainly makes up for it in the flavours.

Lovely long finish with touches of smokiness and some citrus on the very end.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 58.3% Vol.

Cask: 2213 Refill Sherry Hogshead

Light on the eye, with a nose of soft leather.
A rich spicy floral taste associated with a refill cask. After the initial thrive there is a slight sweet vanilla flavour at the back of your throat.

I recommend adding a couple of drops of water to the 1982. This really lets it come alive, releasing more floral and vanilla notes, with some light nuttiness.

An elegant soft finish.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 54.2% Vol.

Cask: 633 Plain Hogshead Release V

9 carat gold in colour.

Although light on the eye a wonderful nose. Homemade vanilla ice cream with a cappuccino centre.

Fruity and floral. Big juicy apples, autumn orchard fruits.

A fantastic palate cleansing whisky with elegant creamy finish.
Bottled 2010.

Strength: 54.9% Vol.

Cask: 4568 Sherry Hogshead Release VIII

Light straw gold in colour.

Lovely fresh vanilla on the nose. Carmel and lightly malty.

A very smooth whisky, a creme brulee from start to finish, vanilla, light blueberries and blackberries, not overly sweet but a wonderful whisky.

Long delicate finish, no water required in this one.
Bottled 2011.

1982 Release VIII

Strength: 54.0% Vol.

Cask: 635 Plain Hogshead - Autumn 2013

A lovely orange glow to this whisky.

Light mustiness, like being in a warehouse at Glenfarclas, with the smell of whisky maturing and the wood that holds it all in place.

A little water in this changes it completely, giving a lighter dram with fruit an lighter alcohols.

So different from our 30 Years Old, but an intriguing whisky for that very reason.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 47.3% Vol.

Cask: 32 Refill Hogshead Release X


Lovely delicate nose, vanillas,fresh cut grass and freshly varnished pine wood.
Sweet caramel, toffee milk chocolate, very smooth.

Nice long finish.

May lack in colour but gives 110% in all other departments.
Bottled 2012.

1983 Release X

Strength: 56.0% Vol.

Cask: 50 Refill Hogshead

The colour of pale gold.

A very strong nose initially, emitting strong alcohol. This bottling is 56% Vol, so take care – this whisky demands respect from the first sniff.

After the initial shock of the strength of this dram, you can definitely pick up some hints of marzipan and coconut. In fact, it’s a very fresh whisky overall, with candy floss and apples present on your tongue.

The aftertaste is short. Think pear drops.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 51.0% Vol.

Cask: 43 Refill Hogshead Release IX

Yellow spring straw

Dry sweetness, a powerful nose that has some light buttery notes present. Also has that dry fino sherry quality to it.

It is almost impossible to convey how smooth this whisky is, it literally glides down your throat. Finish really comes out when a drop or two of water has been added and then goes on for a very long time, a trifle without the cream, vanilla, fruit and sponge fingers.

A truely amazing dram in every sense of the word.
Bottled 2012.

1983b Release IX

Strength: 51.3% Vol.

Cask: 6028 Plain Hogshead

A light gold whisky. This is Glenfarclas without sherry but the plain cask still has lots to offer. It has a beautifully fresh, light nose with notes of burnt wood, walnuts and a little vanilla.

It is a very light whisky with no heavy flavours. Instead, experience the effect of lots of fruit dancing across your tongue – acting like little pins and needles of flavour.

The finish is slow, gathering pace after a little time.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 51.0% Vol.

Cask: 6030 Plain Hogshead Release VII

Like a light chardonnay in colour.

Sweet on the nose, very fruity, like a tropical fruit drink. An exceptional whisky that you would never guess was Glenfarclas.

A little dry on the finish that always leaves you wanting more.

Bottled 2011.

1984 Release VII

Strength: 47.1% Vol.

Cask: 6031 PLain Hogshead - Autun 2013

A light highly polished gold.

A beautiful fresh whisky, toasted pine nuts, light vanillas and over cooked chocolate chip shortbread.

A tin of fruit cocktail, many types of fruit all stewing together in their collective juices. As the whisky separates on your palate you can feel the different fruits separating out.

A very smooth finish building up to a terrific long aftertaste.
Bottled 2013.

Strength: 46.3% Vol.

Cask: 2826 Refill Sherry Hogshead

A lovely dark golden colour.

At just 46.3% Vol, this has lost more strength for its age than other cask in The Family Casks collection.

However, what it lacks in strength, it makes up for in aromas. Intense. It’s a very elegant whisky with a very good balance of nuttiness, fresh fruit and some liquorice.

It’s actually very similar in style and balance to Glenfarclas 21 Years Old. I would stick with this one though. The bottling has more depth, which gives it a much longer, and very warm, fulfilling finish.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 44.9% Vol.

Cask: 2592 Refill Sherry Hogshead Release X

Pale Amber.

Soft fruity, balanced with nuttiness. Not too sherried but really gives off young fresh aromas.
A very smooth well rounded whisky. Vanillas giving way to sweetness, no bitterness or oakiness that would normally be found in a whisky of such an age.

Long finish, and although lacking the big colour of a first full sherry it is a realy amazing whisky.
Bottled 2012.

Strength: 56.5% Vol.

Cask: 3434 Refill Sherry Puncheon

The colour is a rich amber; darker than you would expect from a refill cask.

Give this whisky time to breathe as the heavy nose, rich in old leather, definitely develops with a little air. There are also hints of fresh tobacco.

It is a spicy whisky that has a lot to offer: some pear drops at the front of the mouth giving way to light sherry and a hint of tannin from the wood.

Light at first, the finish develops and is long, elegant and sherried.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 58.4% Vol.

Cask: 4336 Refill Sherry Butt Release IX

Antique Bronze

After the initial power, underlying caramel sweetness, stewed fruits with a sherry glaze.

Big sherry tones present, bitter cocoa beans, demerara sugar, what I would classify as a typical Glenfarclas style.

Long bitter sweet finish again demerara sugar and a light citrus note, orange and lime zest coming through on the finish.
Bottled 2012.

Strength: 55.1% Vol.

Cask: 1010 Refill Sherry Hogshead

A crisp, clean, copper colour for this whisky.

A spicy fresh whisky with malty tones and dunnage warehouse earth notes. Honey and heather balanced
together. All the flavours you would expect from a sherry cask. Dried fruit, spicy, vanilla and sweetness.

Sweet fruits, a little liquorice, a great whisky at cask strength after allowing a little air to be infused into the whisky.

A smooth elegant finish, with glorious sweetness. A dessert in itself.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 53.2% Vol.

Cask: 3826 Refill Sherry Butt Release III

Our third release from 1987 is a light yellow colour - like a morning ray of sunshine - while an enticing nose is equally delicate. Sweet and a little floral.

This great, fresh whisky dances across your tongue, bursting with flavours of apples and pears, and a hint of kiwi fruit. Hints of vanilla are also present on the back of the tongue, with violet overtone.

Well-balanced, it's a whisky that does not disappoint. Not overpowering in any way. Simply, very quaffable - I'msure you will be back for more. Fortunately, there are 633 bottles in this release.
Bottled 2008.

1987 Release III

Strength: 56.3% Vol.

Cask: 7033 Sherry Butt

I love the colour: amber to gold. The nose has a perfume of fresh fruit, with hints of vanilla.

This is a mellow, enticing whisky. Enjoy it among friends and I ’m sure that once you take the cork off, you will find it difficult to put it back on. Vanilla follows through on the taste, along with some hints of kiwi fruit. It’s a well-balanced whisky with all the flavours working in unison.

And, of course, there’s that pleasurable opulent finish. Not to be rushed.
Bottled 2007.

Strength: 54.3% Vol.

Cask: 821 Refill Sherry Hogshead - Autumn 2013

A shaft of early morning sun.

Light vanillas, soft cedar, and uindertones of buttered shortbread.

A delightful dram to have a drop of water in. Really releases a lot of apple flavours, also a hint of bitter lemons.

An amazingly long finish, don't rush it.
Bottled 2013

Strength: 60% Vol.

Cask: 11721 Sherry Butt

A medium coloured whisky, similar to autumn straw.

A beautiful Glenfarclas, smooth to the nose and mouth, lots of grape and sherry, full and rich.

A wonderful rich and powerful whisky, the sherry flavours very prominent but not overpowering, once the whisky has had some air infused with it, there is some light nuttiness and vanilla flavours fighting their way through.

Finish sweet with light dark chocolate, a very typical Glenfarclas. A long distinguished finish, a lingering taste which seems to last for hours.
Bottled 2006.

Strength: 55.9% Vol.

Cask: 12989 Sherry Butt Release IX

Dark copper

Sweet, candy floss, vanillas and toffee. Homemade vanilla ice cream with a soft toffee centre. Fruit flavours making it through after a few minutes.

Light bitterness, dark chocolate, bitter espresso flavours, slightly tannic, dark choclate covered raisins.

Long sweet finish that keeps on going. A touch of sulphur at the end as though something has blown out a match.
Bottled 2012.

1989b Release IX

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